Tips to Keep You Mentally Healthy..!

Tips to keep you mentally healthy!

This World Mental Health Day, here are a few tips to keep you mentally healthy, and keep both mental health problems and mental problem disorders at bay.

1)      Eat your Vegetables, Fruits & Nuts for good mental health-

Yes, what you eat is what you get! There is nothing that affects your body as much as your diet, and the same goes for your brain. A lot of leafy greens (broccoli, sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower, beetroot), fruits, cereals, a healthy serving of nuts like cashews and almonds, and you are set! These are loaded with antioxidants which combat compounds also known as free radicals, which slowly lead to aging and damage. Stay away from fried & fatty foods. Do not miss your meals- eat them regularly & on time. Dropping glucose levels are not good for your brain.

2)      Eat more Vitamin D & Fish Oil-

Having 1,000 to 2,000 International Units (IU) of vitamin D daily has been said to delay dementia and progressive degeneration of the brain.

3)      Maintain a Diary-

Healthy living tips include keeping a diary! If you have been holding a lot inside and feel there is nobody you can share your problems start now.

Releasing your fears and frustrations, on paper in a diary goes a long way in keeping them off your mind. Even if it is for a short while, your mind feels better once your brain has consolidated what its problems are, so then the mind can work on the solutions consciously instead of uselessly fretting over vague issues.

4)      Stay physically active-

Healthy living includes any physical activity that suits you- cycling, walking, running, yoga, weight lifting, gumming or dancing helps your brain stay fit! After all, what is mental health? It is an extension of physical health.

5)      Spend time with friends-

How to stay healthy? Spending good quality time with your friends all through your life, can actually cut your chances of dementia. Continued social interaction in increasing age is a must! The older you get, the more you need the people you knew when you were young. Friendship offers certain stress reducing responses by decreasing cortisol production & increasing endorphins.

6)      Meditation-

A very important mental health help tool in calming the mind, meditation helps to alleviate stress, become more mindful and aware of the present.

7)      Do things you like-

Staying healthy- simple! Just doing a soothing & relaxing activity for 20 minutes daily helps your mental health go a long way! Knitting, house cleaning, scrap booking, gardening, cooking or painting helps you to focus on one thing at a moment and keeps your concentration and attention focused.

 8)      Watch Movies & your favorite Television shows

9)      Go to bed early & Wake up early

10)    Focus on meaningful activities-

Working on some community projects and volunteering for social work have enormous positive benefits on your mental health. The principle- Giving & Sharing makes one happy!



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