How to Dodge Osteoporosis

What is osteoporosis? Osteoporosis is a disease that affects the skeletal system, which is more likely to occur as you get older. What it does is greatly reduce the mass and density of the bones, making them extremely weak and very susceptible to fractures. Let’s take a look at the preventive measures you can take to protect yourself from osteoporosis.

Make sure you’re getting enough calcium in your diet

To ensure that you’re getting all the calcium you need, make sure your diet contains as many of the following as possible:

  • Milk – low-fat milk and cheeses are healthy sources of calcium.

  • Greens – leafy green vegetables are rich in calcium, apart from their other virtues.

  • Fish – if possible, fish are good sources of calcium and vitamin D.

  • Soy – soy can help maintain your bone density, and can be substituted into many dishes and recipes for added health benefits and a calcium boost.

  • Onions – onions can help slow down the breakdown of your bones, and keep them stronger longer.

Take supplements, if necessary

If you still need more calcium than your diet can provide, take calcium supplements regularly to cover the shortfall and help build up the strength of your skeletal system.

Make the right lifestyle choices

Smokers were found to face almost twice the risk of fractures in later life than non-smokers. In addition, cigarette use has been linked to slower rates of healing when it comes to fractures, as well as the improper setting of bones. Alcohol also hinders your body’s ability to absorb calcium properly. Apart from the other health issues cigarette and alcohol abuse can cause, avoiding them is a significant bonus to your defenses against osteoporosis.

A healthy mind in a healthy body

Stress and depression have adverse physical effects as well as mental. They cause the release of a hormone called cortisol which, over prolonged periods of time, can lower your bone density significantly. Take care to ensure your mental health, and you’ll simultaneously be improving your chances of dodging osteoporosis.

Stronger is better

Regular exercise can have a wonderful effect on the health of your bones. It has been found to slow down the rate of bone loss, and can even help build up your bones over time through weight-bearing exercises. As it also improves your flexibility and your balance, exercise reduces your risk of falling. Even something so small as jogging for half an hour everyday can do wonders for you later in life by strengthening your bones and preventing osteoporosis.

Always be prepared

As you get older and the risk of osteoporosis grows greater, be proactive. Bone-density tests can predict your risk of fractures, and can help your doctor diagnose osteoporosis early. Ask your doctor to help you understand what conditions are dangerous for the health of your skeletal system, and how to prevent or treat them.

Osteoporosis is a serious disorder that can greatly reduce your quality of life in your later years. With some care and effort, however, its risks can be minimized and you can ensure that your bones are strong, healthy and trouble-free for many years to come.


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