How Smoking Affects Men’s Sexual Health

It’s the classic Hollywood post-coital ritual for men – lying back and lighting a cigarette. Reel life fantasies aside, it might surprise you to know that that cigarette might just ensure that you don’t enjoy sex as much the next time. Here are the four main reasons why you should ditch the post-coital smoke, and cut back (if not give up entirely) on smoking in general.



Research has found that smoking significantly diminishes a man’s sexual desire. Studies showed that non-smokers were having sex almost twice as often as male smokers. What’s more, this proved to be true even for young men in their 20s and 30s – ages when most men’s sexual desire is supposed to be peaking. And, even when you do feel desire, there’s another problem.


You see, smoking affects your ability to perform during sex. You’ll become short of breath much quicker than you used to, and you’ll have to slow down and take breaks much more often. Smokers also face double the risk of erectile dysfunction that non-smokers do. If you’re consistently unable to reach your previous standard of sexual drive, your ability to enjoy sex will obviously diminish. And that brings us to…


When you combine a decrease in sexual desire and sexual performance, the result is an inevitable drastic fall in sexual satisfaction – both for you, as well as your partner. The worst part is that this is a cycle – less desire/performance leads to less satisfaction, and less satisfaction leads to less desire/performance. If left unchecked, smoking could hugely affect your sexuality as a whole. Unfortunately, though, it doesn’t stop there.


Yes, smoking has been found to be directly linked to low sperm counts in men. It also has been shown to have an adverse effect on testosterone levels. Not only can it cause impotence, but the severity of the problem is directly dependent on the quantity of cigarettes consumed on a regular basis – the worse the addiction, the worse the problem.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your sex life, stop smoking – it will do wonders for you. And, although we’ve addressed men in this article, smoking also has a negative impact on women’s sexuality as well. So ditch the post-coital cigarette and enjoy a better sex life!

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