10 Habits to Stay Healthy

It’s appealing to palm off some people’s health on luck. But that’s not true. Healthy people live healthily and have healthy habits! Let’s discuss some of these and see if we can apply these to our daily lives.

  1. MEDITATE DAILY: The key element is that we should STRESS LESS! Stress damages virtually every organ system in our body slowly but surely. Think positive, keep calm and stay away from anger. Spend about 5 minutes a day, in a quiet room, with your eyes closed and pick a happy subject to focus on.
  2. EAT LESS: Studies have found that fit people who eat less lead longer lives. So divide your meals and snacks into smaller portions.
  3. EAT HEALTHY: Antioxidants such as green tea, honey, garlic ,and turmeric clean up and detoxify your system.
  4. HOME CURES & HERBAL REMEDIES: Sometimes listening to your grandmother and mother can be extremely helpful! When you have a cold and cough, do steam inhalation, gargle & drink turmeric milk before running to the local pharmacy.
  5. MAKE FAMILY & FRIENDS A PRIORITY: Studies show that people with strong relationships tend to have stronger immunities and are less likely to succumb to diseases.
  6. REST: Sleep is the time when the growth hormone is produced, serving to help the body grow or repair itself. Sleep deficit has the same effect as stress on our bodies. Similar to stress, loss of sleep has a deteriorating effect on your health and has also been linked to compromised immune functions.
  7. EXERCISE: Walking, running, swimming, cycling, gyming or yoga can help us stay fit!  


  1. DEVELOP HOBBIES: As important as physical health is mental health. Do things you enjoy such as reading, painting, photography, shopping or even listening to music. Sports, in addition to toning you physically makes your body’s secrete endorphins, that makes you a happy and healthy person!
  2. WORK HARD, BUT PLAY HARDER: As important as work is to us, equally important are the breaks you take from work. Relax at home or take a holiday.
  3. CLEANLINESS IS NEXT TO GODLINESS: Stay clean; keep your surroundings clean and you’re already giving a fight to diseases!




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